Galerija is a young, creative agency based in Slovenia. We are delivering graphic design, brand identities and programming services to middle size companies. We put our time and our hearts into crafting effective marketing solutions - from concept to completion.

Who we are

Galerija has two core persons and a number of occasional coworkers, with whom we work depending on the project needs. We are active, reliable, and passionate about digital and old-school marketing. With our expertise we cover searching for solutions, copywriting, designing, programming and project managing.

When it comes to our work we believe in:

  • Useful design: “pretty” is our goal, but effective is our greatest aim.
  • Carrying and honest business relations: we truly care about our clients and their needs. Their trust and their feedback helps us to grow.
  • Deadline: we respect the given time. Delivering on time have been so far our greatest strength.

How we work

We deliver results for our clients, by first researching and analyzing the problem, and then crafting detailed, unique solutions. Always on time and keeping the dialog with our client.

1 : Strategy

We are defining the problem, analyzing the target market and competitors, all to determine the objectives and desired results.

2 : Creating

We take a closer look at our clients’ needs and prepare ideas for custom design. We are preparing models, scenarios or storyboards.

3 : Development

We are building the product by implementing the concepts into design and programming.

Launching and tests
4 : Launching and tests

We are testing the results and checking if some corrections are needed.

Results and control
5 : Results and control

We like to stay in touch with our clients to manage or control the results.

What we do

We specialize in design and web technologies. But we are also starting with developing applications and preparing content for social media. Our offer is consistently expanding, as we are eager to learn new technologies and explore different areas of digital marketing.

If you would like to learn more about our projects or get information about our price list, you can contact us and we will get back to you.

Contact us

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